LightwaveMUSIC by John  Meisel
Songs for Vocalists



About John:

Producer and songwriter John Meisel worked as vocalist and producer (under a different name) internationally. As he experienced how much joy and inspiration he can provide by creating songs for others, he is now offering his skills for record companies and vocalists in the music industry. Being a singer himself, he is predestined to write songs that feature the uniqueness of their vocalists.               


John Meisel is producing in his own studio. (Licensing rights for live recordings, virtual instruments, sample library content & audio samples or loops that are used in his productions have been paid in full and are cleared).

Vocals and music are so much more than frequencies and notes... in fact they represent the key to the heart and soul of the listeners and posess the positive power to create a miraculous synesthesia of memories, dreams, colours and scents in the world of our emotions (John Meisel).