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Can I re-name a song/beat when I’ve purchased a license ?
Yes, you can, but you must make sure that you inform producer and songwriter John Meisel about the new song name which you’ve used for the public release and the registration at your PRO (e.g. ASCAP, BMI, JASRAC, GEMA, SAMRO, SACEM, SOCAN, SGAE, SIAE, BUMA, etc). 
Are the songs/beats new or have they been on the market for many years?
All songs that are offered in the Song/BeatStore of LightwaveMusic and on the BeatStars marketplace are brand-new and previously unreleased.
I would love to receive a custom song which was made for my artist personality only?
This is possible. Please visit the section „Services“ and check out John’s offer for „EXCLUSIVE CUSTOM SONG“ or the option CUSTOM SINGLE ~ Unlimited Lease
Is it a problem that also other vocalists/rappers have the possibility to license the same song/beat?
Whereas it can be beneficial if you make sure that you purchase an Exclusive license (or upgrade your license someday to „Exclusive“, to make sure that no other artists can license it anymore), please bear in mind that you will receive a high-end production at a very fair price.

However, as your vocals and lyrics will be unique and as many successful songs on the market have been released in many different versions, the only problem you could face is that you haven’t purchased an „Unlimited License“, meaning that you would have to prolong or upgrade your license after a couple of years if your sales or streams exceed the agreed threshold. 
Can I be informed how many other artists or labels have licensed a specific song already?
Customers who are seriously interested in purchasing an „EXCLUSIVE“ license for a song, can be informed on request how many times the track has been licensed already.
What does „stems“ mean?
If you purchase a „PREMIUM Gold Lease“ or UNLIMITED Lease“ you will also receive 3 – 10 WAV files that are comprised  pre-mastered sub-group mixes (e.g. drums, bass, synths, vocal adlips) to make your vocal integration easy. If you purchase an „EXCLUSIVE License“ then you could also ask John to receive each track isolated. However, as John’s productions have a lot of tracks and because John is using high-end hard- & software as well as elaborated, unique mixing & mastering techniques, the provided stems usually should suffice. They will make sure that your final result sounds more polished and high-end.

Btw, you are not allowed to share, offer or sell any STEMS you may receive. They are only meant to facilitate your vocal embedding/mixing/mastering.
Is it possible to receive the beat / song without any vocals?
Customers who purchase a Premium, Unlimited or Exclusive License, will receive 3 - 10 stem files with pre-mixed sub-groups for convenient vocal integration.
If you purchase a Premium, Unlimited or Exclusive license, you can be sure that any vocals / adlibs / choirs that have been used in John’s productions will always come on a separate track, so that you can decide whether you want to use them or not.
Are your productions safe reg. cleared samples?
When purchasing the license of a beat/track from John, you can be sure that all 3rd party licensing rights, virtual instruments, live recordings, sample library content, loops and/or audio samples that are used in his productions are cleared.
Is it allowed to mute vocal adlips / hook elements from your productions (esp. as they come on seperate stems with your Premium, Unlimited or Exclusive Licenses) and to sing along the same or similar vocal melodies, lyrics and lines (or parts from them) like these adlips/hook elements in my "new song"? 
Whereas all vocal adlips or hooks that are unsed in John's productions are cleared (-> they are either recordings with vocalists which John recorded in his studio or cleared vocal samples from sample libraries), they represent micro compositions and must not be used independently from your new song itself. You are allowed to use them in your new song without paying any further royalties but you are not allowed to perform and sell them as your „own“ composition. You can either use them as „vocal support“ for your own lyrics and vocal melodies and performance or you can mute them and just use them as a basic hint to imagine how your new song could sound like. But you are not allowed to mute them and to sing these melodies and lyrics by yourself as if they would be your own melodic and lyrical creations.
Can my song be released via your own label SONIC JOY Records ?
SONIC JOY Records currently releases 6 projects. Unfortunately we are not accepting demo enquiries at the current point of time. However, if your licensed new song of John should be a brilliant match for one of our projects (for example or ) a release may be taken into consideration. Feel free to send John a link with your purchased beat and your vocals and if we think that it could make sense, we can talk about a fair cooperation deal. 
Do I „own“ a song/beat/stem once I purchased a license?
Unless you purchase an EXCLUSIVE licence, you are not the sole owner of the music but receive a license to use the beat/track recording for adding your VOCALS and topline to it (vocal synchronization) partly or in its entirety and substantially in its original form („Master Recording“).
You are not getting the right to exploit the composition/beat/track directly, only to create and exploit a NEW recording that includes the beat/track along with new and unique material (-> a topline and VOCALS). You are not allowed to share, offer or sell any STEMS you may receive. They are only meant to facilitate your vocal embedding/mixing/mastering.
Are there any restrictions reg. my new song ?
You are not allowed to use licensed songs for insulting, pornographic, horror, war or drug promoting purposes.
Remixes require the permission of producer John Meisel.
You have to inform John of relevant changes of your contact data.
You are expressively prohibited from registering the beat/track and your new song with Content Identification (Content ID).
What means PRO registration ?
John Meisel has written/composed/arranged the beat/track, which is commonly treated as one-half (50%) of the songwriting on a musical composition (sometimes referred to as „100% music“, whereas the lyricist / topline writer gets the other 50% for 100% of the lyrics). When you purchase a license from John, you agree that Producer John Meisel retains the ownership of his copyright in the NEW composition of yours (with regard to his contribution). You agree that any registration of the New Composition with relevant performance rights organizations in your territory (which is called your “PRO” e.g. ASCAP, BMI, JASRAV, GEMA, SOCAN, BUMA, SIAE, SGAE, SACEM, etc.) will reference John Meisel having 50% of the total writer’s share (or in other words „100% of the music“) under John Meisel (GEMA International IPI-Name Number: 00770882313) and 50% of the total publisher’s share under John Meisel (GEMA International IPI-Name Number: 00770882313).
Where can I find the contract ?
During the checkout process in the LightwaveMusic beatstore or in the BeatStars Marketplace you can read the contract details for the specific license you want to purchase. After your license purchase you will also find your contract in your BeatStars account. Read it carefully as it is a legal agreement between you and producer John Meisel and defines all that could be relevant for your license in detail.
Can I book a vocal integration/mixing and mastering for my new song?

Depending on John’s schedule, fell free to order this Vocal service in the „SERVICE“ section in the BeatStars profile of John Meisel (LightwaveMusic). 

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