LightwaveMUSIC by John  Meisel
Songs for Vocalists


1.) EXCLUSIVE Licensing of a Song:

2 different options:

I.) If you prefer a one-time buyout for the exclusive worldwide master licensing rights of a song, you would have to pay a one-time fee (amount depending on the song).

II.) If you instead prefer a reduced payment for the worldwide exclusive master licensing rights of a song, you would have to convince John that a successful release is realistic. In that case you would have to pay a reduced one-time fee (amount depending on the song) plus a negotiable share in all incomes that the song generates.

For enquiries use the CONTACT form


2.) CUSTOM Song(s):

Depending on John's schedule, it is possible to inquire for customized and personalized songs.


Please contact John and specify the topic/title of the song as well as your desired genre (you can choose from Pop, Hip-Hop, R&B, EDM, Pop- & Rock-Ballads).

For enquiries use the CONTACT form




Depending on John's schedule (and your budget) it is possible to hire John for the vocal recordings in your preferred studio (or in John's studio in the very South of Germany).

If you buy a song of John exclusively, it can be wise to let him produce your vocalist as he is far more into each song than any third person could be.

Being a singer himself and posessing the gift to sense the individual needs of a vocalist, John knows how to expand the possibilities of a vocalist and makes sure that each recording session becomes effective. His trademark is enhancing the strength and uniqueness of a singer without any de-motivation combined with his ability to sense what is needed to help a vocalist to transcend any barriers in her/his mind for their best results ever. In addition to that, he developped techniques (some exceed even the latest cerebric research) in order to perfect the emotional side of each vocalist which help to optimize their performance.

For enquiries use the CONTACT form